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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Okay, I am pretty much caught up on the things that piled up while we were in Europe (and cleaning the house can wait until another day), so I will start chronicling my latest adventures with the World of Beads VIII. Organized by the Bead Society of Greater New York and held at the Fashion Institute of Technology from June 19-21, WOB VIII was a three-day beadfest with classes, demonstrations, exhibits, raffles, and bead buying. I didn't have time to take many photos but luckily Zoya Gutina of My Lovely Beads did. You can see her photos in the June newsletter at

Part of the WOB was a china challenge, where each member took a shard of a china plate that had been prepared by Milly Valentine and made a piece of jewelry using the china piece. This was my entry. I made a wire nest, three needlelace oya flowers, raided my bead stash, and found a cute, little bird at Tinsel Trade. Then I put it all together with the china shard to make a nest that any packrat (or bird) would be proud of. Since I ran out of time, I mounted my nest on a purchased macrame cord neck piece. It was great fun to see what everyone had done with their china shards and we plan to wear them to the first Bead Society meeting in September.

I was also pleased by the announcement that my big snake (all 15' 6" of him) entitled "Why is Everybody Always Picking on Me?" received Honorable mention from the judges in the juried exhibit of beadwork. Here is a photo of the snake in the exhibit.

Even though I couldn't spend much time at the World of Beads, it was a great event and I have heard a lot of nice comments from people who attended the event. Hats off to all of us who helped make the weekend a success!

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