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Saturday, November 28, 2009

cutting Power Pro thread

I bought some 10 lb. test, Power Pro braided bead thread for a project that I was working on; it is similar to Fireline. While trying to get a clean cut on the thread end I took a good chunk out of one finger with my sharp embroidery scissors. This was Wednesday night--yep, the night before Thanksgiving. What fun fixing dinner with a bandaged finger.
I have now learned that the thread cuts cleaner if you put a little tension on it. I am using my tiny, stork embroidery scissors to cut the thread but that may not be a good idea because I read that you shouldn't use good scissors to cut Fireline.
If anyone has any othe tips, feel free to share.


  1. cheap kid's Fiskars - save your good scissors ... and fingers.

  2. Thanks. I knew my Gingher embroidery scissors were sharp but had not idea how sharp until they slipped and I was missing a chunk of my finger.