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Friday, March 5, 2010


I have been playing around with instructions for bead crochet oya from the Turkish book "Anatolian Bead Oyas From Present to Past" by Sevgi Senol. I can't give you the Turkish title or the correct spelling of the author's name because I can't cut and paste the Turkish characters.

In any case, the oya strips were done with size 6/0 beads and Chinese cord while the flowers were done with size 12/0 beads and size 30 cotton crochet thread. I love the carnations and can't wait to incorporate them into something.

Oya strips made with size 6/0 beads and Chinese cord.

Oya flowers made with size 12/0 beads. The red flowers are carnations, the white flowers are ivy rose, and the red and white one in the middle is a tomato.

It also turns out that the stitch that I learned in Turkey from the shopkeeper in Ephesus is actually another oya stitch. The name of the stitch in parts of Turkey is Snake's Bone--very fitting given my bead crochet snakes.

My jewelry using the Snake's Bone oya stitch that I learned in Turkey.

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