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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The cherry crop was disappointing this year, so when I saw some lovely cherries at Whole Foods, I went nuts and bought almost two pounds. Casting around for a way to use some of them, I settled up on a Cherry Clafouti--something that I have somehow never baked.
I looked at Julia Child's recipe but decided to try the one from The Food of France by Maria Villegas and Sarah Randell. Their recipe calls for the traditional method of not pitting the cherries to give the dish an added almond flavor.
The clafouti baked up beautifully and is one of those typically French desserts that uses perfectly ripe fruit surrounded by a simple pudding-like cake. Unfortunately, it was not a big hit; it was a little too simple and eating around the cherry pits is distracting. The second time I served it I reheated the slices and garnished with a bit of whipped cream. That was an improvement.
My advice to other bakers is to used Julia Child's recipe and pit the cherries; the pits don't add anything. Don't be put off by the tablespoon of vanilla, it's the right amount for the dessert.

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