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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I arrived in Milwaukee before it was time to pick up my badge for the Bead and Button show so I decided to explore a bit. I walked over the bridge on Wisconsin Ave. and found ladybugs!

A closer view.

The River Walk looked inviting so I wandered along that for a while. This is a statue of Gertie the duck. Explanation below.

If you can't read the explanation, Getie and her babies held up replacement of the pilings on the bridge and captured the city's heart in 1945.
There are ducks everywhere!
A long view of the river.
Even the bridge was decked out in beads.
Some sculptures had been erected along the River Walk--this was one of them.
This was another. The round objects in each circle are big rocks.
I even managed to find a beaded bead on the bridge by the Hyatt Hotel.
During registration I ran into my friend Sabine Lippert (on the left). Sabine is a fabulous beader from Germany who was in 3 of my classes last year. Here she is sitting with Jill Wiseman of Tapestry Beads.
Here is a closeup of Sabine's ring--or a hand-hider, as she called it--that she made with a cabachon by Linda Roberts. The hand-hider was actually quite comfortable and hides any spots on your hand.
Sabine had taken a precious metal clay class and was showing off the ring that she made in class. So cute!
To see more of Sabine's work, visit her blog at
For more of Linda Roberts' cabochons, visit
For Jill Wiseman's website, go to
Now I have to go finish a project from one of my Bead and Button classes. More about my trip later.

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