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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


My friend Yoshie wants me to wear my new MAKUstudio bird to the NY Bead Society meeting tomorrow night so I needed to finish the necklace.  Since I  hated to cut the pretty ribbon, I decided to make a small scarf ring as a fastener in back and crochet two wire bird's nests for counterweights.  You can see the finished necklace above.  I can wear the ribbon ends in front with the bird or hanging down my back for a dramatic exit.

The bird's nests were so much fun that I made two more sets and turned one set into earrings. 

If you want to try your hand at crocheted wire bird's nests, here is a site to get you started:

I did things a bit differently, starting with using 22 gauge wire which I would not recommend.  It makes great-looking bird's nests but it is hard on the wrists and fingers.  I will try 24 or 26 gauge wire next time.  Also, I chained 4 instead of 3 for a slightly bigger nest.  I formed the nest over the end of a large crochet hook to make it deeper and used the second tail to make a few squiggles and loops on the top edge of the nest.

Now I can't wait to wear my new necklace tomorrow.

UPDATE:  I stumble across an excellent tutorial for making another type of finding for the hand-painted ribbon if you don't want to just tie the ribbon or cut it and add a lobster claw and jump ring fastener.  Check out Jen Cameron's website Glass Addictions for instructions or just to view some lovely jewlery.


  1. These little nests are so sweet!

  2. Bellissimi lavori sul tuo blog, tantissimi complimenti!!
    Mi unisco ai tuoi lettori