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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Whew, I finally have some time to sit down and write a few posts. I will start with the easy one: a few photos that I took at Bead and Button of the lovely beadwork pieces in the Bead Dreams 2012 exhibit. I only had time to take a few photos but here are some of the works that caught my eye.

Svetiana Chebotayeva
Linda Landy
Diane Hyde
Heidi Kummli
Miranda Groenendaal

Anneta Valious

Sherry Hutchinson Serafini

Emi Tsuneoka

Emi Yamada

Megumi Kobuki

Tatiana Van Iten
Kathy King 

Mieko Ogura

Melissa Ingram

Irina Rudneva

Ann Braginsky
Hatsumi Oshitani

Svetiana Chebotayeva

Pamm Horbit (left) and Nancy Rocknich

Beki Haley has also put up some photos from Bead Dreams 2012 on her blog so you can click on over to Beki's Beading Blog to see more eye candy.   Enjoy!

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