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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


     I am sorry to tell everyone that Beyond Beadery, one of our favorite bead shops, had two days worth of cash receipts stolen from their booth at Bead Fest Philadelphia last weekend.  This is such distressing news about two of my favorite bead vendors.
      The cash was out of sight at the register and not easily accessible to the general public so it looks like the work of a professional thief. Apparently thieves have figured out that craft shows are good pickings and I am hearing more and more stories of thefts at bead shows.
    Luckily the credit card receipts were safe but a number of us paid in cash so that Betcey could avoid the 3% charge on a credit card. She has not mentioned a specific dollar figure but it was a LOT, given the popularity of her booth at the shows.
     So, if you need to buy beads online, please think about buying them from Beyond Beadery.  The store will be closed for the rest of August but I am sure that Betcey and Mark will get orders out as soon as possible in September.  After I left Bead Fest, I remembered some things I forgot to buy so I will have to place an order with them--I for beads...such a chore.     

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