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Saturday, October 26, 2013


Pine Cones Big and Small

Just in time for your fall decorating projects, I have finished the bead crochet pine cone tutorial that people have been asking for.  This 11-page, illustrated tutorial will show you how to turn Miyuki long Magatama beads and nylon thread into pine cones in 4 sizes using the bead single crochet stitch. 
The illustrated tutorial is now available in my Etsy store Reckless Beading. I hope you have as much fun with the pattern as I did.

For those who would like to make pine cones but don't do bead crochet, Barbara Grainger has a Magatama pine cone pattern that uses brick stitch for sale here as Pinecone Delight.  Barbara was actually the inspiration for my bead crochet pattern because she made her pine cone and challenged me to come up with a bead crochet pine cone.  Her pattern makes a pine cone about the size of my smallest pine cone.

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