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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Due to a last minute cancellation, I was lucky enough to take one of Jean Power's geometric beadwork classes through the Bead Society of Greater New York this past weekend.  We worked on her Rick-Rack Bangle and Crystal Flower.  We also got a sneak preview of some of the projects in her second geometric beadwork book and I can say that her fans are in for a treat when it is published.
Here is Jean explaining a process.

A variation of her Rick Rack Bangle

Some of Jean's Crystal Flowers

More of her geometric beadwork

Another cuff

I was a little apprehensive about taking Jean's class because I don't do a lot of peyote stitch so I was gobsmacked to find out how simple-as in elegant and efficient-Jean has made her Rick Rack design.  I relaxed and had fun with the class.   Some of us started on a whole Rick Rack bangle and some of us took the principle and made a flower.

Here are some of our projects at the end of class.

This is my version of Jean's Crystal Flower (the 2nd project).  I decided to see what would happen if you added a 3rd level of petals.  I wish I had a lavender bead in place of the crystal on the edge but I had no time to order anything. 

My version of Jean's Rick Rack flower. 

I want to finish the stem of the flower in a way that will allow me to wear it as a pendant and put some dangles in the center, but that will have to wait because I need to get back to a snake.

So I had a great time in Jean's class.  Her instructions were clear, she was happy to explain things again and again, and I marveled at the amount of energy that she still had after 2 weeks of traveling.  I was also very glad that I had ordered her book last month and arranged for her to bring it to New York. Now, if I could only clone myself so that I could work on more geometric designs and bead crochet at the same time.

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