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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New York Christmas Window Tour 2015

Christmas Eve 2014 was balmy, so warm that we saw guys in shorts and tee-shirts walking around Manhattan.  The nice weather meant that the sidewalks were crowded.  How crowded?  This was my view of Rockefeller Center:
It was soooooo crowded in Midtown this year.

We started the window tour uptown at Barney's.  The most interesting window was the one with the glass sculptures by Dale Chihuly, which were lit with fixtures that changed color.

Dale Chihuly glass sculptures

Cartier's has moved their flagship up closer to the Plaza so we chuckled over the bows with panthers at their new location.

Then we continued to the yearly highlight of the tour, otherwise know as Bergdorf's.

I could never wear these but I loved the flowers.

Everything was covered in pearls or crystals.

Spelunking never looked like this when we were doing it.

The lions' manes were made of bugle beads!
See you later, alligator.

We continued walking down 5th Avenue.

Bulgari retired their snake decoration and displayed a sparkly necklace in its place.


Tiffany's was next.

The miniature chandeliers even turned on and off!

Ralph Lauren decorated both the outside and the inside.

We don't know if this is a new store or just filling an empty one, but it was pretty.

Two illuminated windows in St Patrick's Cathedral caught my eye.

Between security and the crowd, this was as close as we got to Sak's...

but we did get to see part of the Sak's light show on the front of the building.

The tree at Rockefeller Center, which will be turned into lumber for Habitat for Humanity.

Dolce and Gabbana went old school this year.

Here is Patience in front of the New York Public Library; I  didn't manage a photo of Fortitude because there were strange people dancing around that poor lion.

Then it was on to Lord and Taylor, another high spot of the walk.



The cakes also go up and down but I missed getting that on video.
An interesting use of cookies in this small window

Our last stop of the night was Macy's, which was featuring Charlie Brown and the gang.

Since we missed Bryant Park, I took a photo of the tree the next day.  It was certainly eye-catching.

This shot gives you an idea of the size of the ornaments

 That was it for the window walk of 2015.  I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of New York dressed in it's holiday finery.

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  1. Thanks for the NY tour, as magical as it sounds. And thanks for the snippet about what they do with that huge tree in Rockefeller. I am glad it's turned into lumber and not just mulch.