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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Now that I am learning Turkish needlelace (oya) construction, I thought I would mention the books available on the subject. I first bought Oya Culture Since the Ottomans by Dr. Taciser Onuk, the Turkish book that covers needle, bead, crochet, hairpin, shuttle, and cloth oyalari. The book is written in both Turkish and English, although the English instructions aer a bit wonky. Unfortunately, this book is out of print but can be bought on Ebay sometimes.

A friend brought me a copy of Igne Oyalari, published by Ondori, from Japan. Like the Japanese beadwork books, there are clear photos but the book is in Japanese.

Both books have clear illustrations but each uses a different method to make the necessary know, so Iwas confused. Then I stumbled upon my personal Rosetta stone, ThreadTeds Oya Needle lace by Berta Hensen-Minten. A teddy bear artist and oya maker in the Netherlands, Berta has written a clear, concise booklet with lots of photo--in English! Her book is available at or on Ebay. The kit includes the oya book, a pattern for a oya flower and bear pin, a small booklet with instructions for an oya flower, two cards of oya thread, and even a needle and square of felt to get you started. With Berta's book in hand, I made my first row of triangles and my first oya flower. Her book helped me to understand my other two oya books.

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