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Thursday, April 30, 2009


I was getting submissions ready for our juried show for the World of Beads VIII and thought that I would post a photo of the bracelet I made in Karen Frankfeldt's All Seasons Bracelet class. Our Bead Society has a workshop/class category so that folks can see the kinds of projects that are made in our classes; so I am entering my version of Karen's design in that section.

This was the first time that I had used the Swarovski glass pearls that make up the main body of the bracelet and I was quite pleased with them. Even buying the Swarovski pearls from Fire Mountain Gems, I was shocked at the price, but there was no waste in the pearls.


  1. Are you a part of the BSGNY, which bead society are you speaking of?

    Great design - very nice!


  2. Sorry, yes I am part of the BSGNY so that is the bead society I was speaking of. Karen Frankfeldt's class was great--I finally understood right angle weave!

  3. oh! how elegant! There's something about that smoky grey that makes me think of evening gowns, you know?

    Lovely work!

  4. Thank you. Yes I know what you mean about evening gowns--that combination of colors always seems elegant to me. I bought the supplies for the class in November and there was just something about grey, cream, and red that also seemed appropriate for that month.