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Thursday, December 31, 2009


As is our tradition, Don and I went out Christmas Eve to look at the store windows and decorations around the city. So as we get ready to celebrate 2010, here are some of the photos that we took.

We start at Tiffany's with their cut-paper window scenes.

Close-up of the jewelry.

Next to Bergdorff''s, who always have the best windows.

Close-up shot. There is always such a crowd at these windows that it is difficult to take photos of the whole windows.

Close shot of the sweater on the manequin to the right. The decoration is fur and beads.

The polar bears had crystal-incrusted heads and chainette fringe for fur.

This beauty was surrounded by horses covered in natural materials.

Some ofthe natural materials that covered the horses.

A dress that caught my eye; the white decoration is done as cutouts with white fabric behind the spaces.

A second story shop window along Fifth Avenue.

Bands made of metal and lights wrap around a store--forgotten which one.

Cartier's is wrapped in their usual Christmas bow.

Saks had their facade rigged with snowflakes made of lights that came on and off in time to music. Quite a show!

The tree at Rockefeller Center; not one of the largest ones the city has seen.

One of the windows at Lord & Taylor. If I had know that my little camera would do such a good job with moving figures, I would have taken more photos of these window.

The other half of the Lord & Taylor window.

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