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Friday, January 29, 2010


Michael Harrington, a fellow bead artist, informally showed off his latest creations at the Janaury meeting of the Bead Society of Great New York on Wednesday. I was familiar with Michael's paper beads, like those that make up the blue portions of the pens shown at the left, but he is going in a different direction with the new beads.

Michael is adding shiny things to a clear substance to create what he calls cold inclusion beads like

the bead on the right. This bead measures about 7/8" long.

He had the pink beads below at the meeting and the photo does not do them justice; the actual bead is sparkly and eye-catching.

Two other beads with small beads and sequins encased in a clear substance.

Michael also makes beautiful velvet scarves with long fringe decorated with his paper beads. Here is a red one that he was displaying at his table at the Bead Society's holiday dinner.

You can see more of his beads and check out prices at Also visit to see his pens with paper beads and read his bio. Michael is a mulit-talented guy who has worked for NASA as a research engineer, sung with the San Francisco Opera Company, acted on shows on NBC, ABC, and PBS, and now makes beads.


  1. Hi there, my name is Nerida Aylott and I recently bought your bead crochet snakes book - which I love. I left it, however, in our holiday house by mistake and here's my question: Where, or How can I get a spring hinged metal fastener to finish off my snake??!! I'm stumped, and I don't know if you include this info in the book, or if you have some other ideas. Many thanks, Nerida PS. sorry to contact you this way!

  2. Hi Nerida,
    I am sorry to say that no one makes the spring hinged metal fasterners that some of the old bead crochet snakes used and I haven't found a substitute. The sping fasteners had a disadvantage, anyway, because the metal teeth tore up the beads and thread where it "bit" so that the snake's tail would eventually fall off. At least a dressmaker's snap sewn into the mouth doesn't do that.

  3. Hi there Thanks so much for your reply. Its now a year later, and I'm happy to report that I had some of the sprung fasteners (ie the teeth) made in China. I got them to copy an original that I had. It was quite an outlay - they had a minimum order of 1,000 pieces which I'm sure I'll never shift. However, if anyone wants one I'm selling them for USD 5 each + shipping (which won't be much as they are so light and not so highly sprung that they will dig into the beads). They are gun metal coloured and nickel free. Anyone interested can contact me direct at Kind regards, Nerida