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Friday, December 31, 2010


We did our annual Christmas Eve tour of the store windows this year on a very cold night. It was so cold that we missed a few sights. We started at Barneys, which was doing a salute to the Food Network.

Here is a window with the "boys."

Here is the "girl's" window--the only time that you will see Snuggies in Barneys.

On to Berdgdorf's, who always has
the best windows. Paper seemd to be the medium of choice for window decorators.

Closeup of some of the paper

Another widow showing the signs of the zodiac.

Detail of some of the animals.

This little dog was my favorite paper animal.

This photo is for my niece, Melissa, a talented horsewoman. How's this for a decorative horse?


A window with a sea theme.

Sparkly alligator.


A dress with red flowers.

Detail ofthe flowers.

Van Cleef and Arpels went with a mushroom scene.

Tiffany's also used paper for their windows.

Snowflakes on scaffolding near the Swarovski store.

I've forgotten which store this was but the lights were programmed to look like they were falling down the side.


Detail of the garland around the door.

One of the windows at H. Stern. it must have been beautiful with the jewelry in the window. It was removed for storage while the store was closed for the evening.

The windows at Saks had a bubble theme. The crowds were so thick that we couldn't get any photos of the windows but I did get a shot of the bubble projected on the facade of the store.

The tree at Rockefeller Center. Notice the flags whipping in the wind.

This is why I have no photos of the angels lining the plaza of Rockefeller Center. The crowds were so thick that you couldn't get a decent shot.

Even an empty space on 5th Avenue was decorated for the holidays.

Down to Lord & Taylor. The vintage cookbooks looked so charming--this photo is for you, Judith.

Lord & Taylor's main windows illustrated holiday stories submitted to the store.

Working our way down to Macy's, decorated with a huge Christmas tree made of strands of lights.

Macy's did "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" for their window decorations. More charming decorations of paper.
That was the end of our tour because it was just too cold to continue. I hope you enjoyed this look at the lovely sights of the season.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful tour. I've fond childhood memories of being taken downtown Chicago on a Sunday to drive around looking at the Christmas windows. Love the cookbooks, but it's what's beside them that is on my list of "to do someday" - an elaborate gingerbread house. The other thing on that same list is to bead crochet a snake. Can you believe I've not gotten around to that yet either? Have a good New Year.