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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My niece Sabrina, who is a fabulaous baker, graduated from college in December. As soon as I saw these beads at a bead show, I knew they were perfect for her so, using my new wire working skills, I made her a necklace with the minature cupcakes and cake slice.

I used square copper wire and my WigJig to fashion a pendant and hung the beads from the loops with with round copper wire. Then I put the pendant on a purchased wire chain, adding two fire polished beads at the join for a little more sparkle.

Here is a close up view.

Side view so that you can see the painting on the cake slice. No there isn't a problem with my camera--I changed the background paper to see how it changed the photo.

The beads are painted ceramic and are made in Peru. I bought them from the J P Imported booth at the Soft Flex show here in NYC but you can buy them from the website at They have all kinds of food (I bought some donuts for me), chocolates, animals, surfboards, skulls, musical instruments and so much more.

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