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Sunday, April 22, 2012


The coral I made during the demonstrtation.
 The NYC Crochet Guild was asked to give a crocheted coral workshop for the shoppers at the Anthropologie store in Rockefeller Center on Friday.  This was part of their Earth Day celebration.  Along with the Guild, the store had some live coral in a tank, a lady who helped kids make sea anemone out of dyed toothpicks and styrofoam balls, and sweets.
 Here is Mary, the organizer from our Guild at our table.  Notice her lovely knit and crocheted necklace.
Some of our coral on on the table in front of her.

                                                                             Below are some of our intrepid volunteers at the teaching table: Willena (facing us) and Kim
(standing) along with people working on their own coral.

More of our coral display.  My coral with the crabs was a bit hit.

The other end of our display.

Demonstrating and teaching.

 A whole coral landscape made by Willena.

 We had so many people wanting to try their hand at crochet that Kim had to take a seat on the store's couch.

A few pieces of coral made at the teaching table are resting on the orange coral.

Here is another shot of the coral that I made during the afternoon spread out so you can see the structure.  Most of it is a blue microfiber with bits of Fun Fur (both by Lion Brand)  crocheted in.  A last row of Fun Fur gives it a lush look.  Lion Brand was one of the comapnies that donated yarn for the afternoon's activities.

As a thank you gift, the lovely staff of Anthropologie gave us these Air Plants in plaster and chicken wire baskets.  A lovely way to remember a fun afternoon.

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