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Sunday, April 15, 2012


The New York City Crochet Guild put out a call for more hyperbolic crochet coral for a small version of the reef we did in 2008.  Here is what the reef looked like the last time NY Coral Reef.  It was part of an exhibit to draw attention to the fact that rising temperatures and pollution are destroying coral reefs.

The coral is fun to do, so I got out my crochet hooks and some yarn.  I decided to share the details of the design process in a nod to someone close to me who is under the charming, but mistaken, impression that the rest of us know what we are doing.  So here we go.

My inspiration was this photo by Jim Maragos/AP of coral near Jarvis Island in the Pacific Ocean.
Last time around, I did this yellow, green, and white coral with a lot of increasing, so this time around I decided to try increasing only every 3 stitches.  I also vowed  to finish the coral even if it didn't match the perfect version in my head.
 My first try wasn't bad, so I proceeded to make a bigger coral. 

I decided to
lighten the color by adding a green slubbed yarn to the blue.
It lightened overall effect but made my coral really floppy even with a combination of stiffer glitzy yarns around the edge.

It's not bad if you fold it over but I decided to try again.

I went back to my original blue sample and made 3 different sizes.  I then sewed them together but it still needed something.  I got out two coral-colored yarns and added them to the center of each coral piece.  That helped but it still needed something else.
So I came up with some crocheted crabs.

Here is the finished product.  Now I am waiting to see all of the other crocheted coral pieces put together.


  1. over time, I have crocheted near about everything. My husband says I am going to try to crochet a Buick one day. I have never crocheted coral though. Yours looks really pretty and I am sure it will be marvelous when mixed in with the others

  2. Well then Debra, you should definitely try crochet hyperbolic coral because it is so much fun. There are free patterns available if you are a person who prefers to follow a pattern or you cn just jump in and see what you get. It really is interesting to do them in a group so you can see what everyone else did.