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Monday, December 31, 2012


We will take a break from the Rome trip to present a few photos of our annual Christmas Window Tour in Manhattan.  We didn't take as many photos this year beacause A) it was snowing/raining during our whole walk, B) a number of neat effects were all digital that were fun to watch but deadly to photograph, C) a lot of the windows were about merchandise or sales and D) did I mention that there was a freezing rain/snow coming down?  So it was not an inspiring year. Still here are a few shots.
Bergdorf's again

Closeup of her headress

The most eye-catching building decoration was Bulgari's sparkling snake that also had chasing lights on it.  Don got a great photo with little glare.
Harry Winston

The Lego Store

Lord & Taylor

Lord & Taylor

He's a little shaggy, but here is a beagle for my parents to enjoy.

More Lord & Taylor

So that's it for the Christmas windows.  I hope you enjoyed the short tour and best wishes to all for the new year.


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