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Saturday, December 29, 2012


     We took the train back to London on Friday and had dinner with friends that night.  Saturday was a day for sightseeing but I woke up with a cold, not surprising since everybody in England seemed to be sniffling or sneezing.  I soldiered on.
 Our first stop was the Churchill War Rooms, the wartime bunker that sheltered Churchill and his government during the Blitz, and the accompanying Churchill Museum.  Below are 2 photos of individual rooms. 
one of the Churchill war rooms

another room

After that, we wandered along the Thames Embankment to the modern reconstruction of the Globe Theatre.

one of the decorative lamp posts

a closeup of the bottom

I soldiered on as best I could, but Don caught one of my Little Miss Grumpypants moments:

the modern reconstruction of the Globe Theatre

     On the way back, we ran into a number of performers along the Embankment but this was our favorite.  Yes, he is playing a tuba that spouts fire.

     After a fish and chips dinner, we took ourselves to the Criterion Theatre to see The 39 Steps.

     Sunday was the Bead Fair, held by the Bead Society of Great Britain, at Uxbridge College where I had agreed to demonstrate bead crochet.

Here is the Bead Society's table with information about the group.

Two enthusiastic members taking their turn at the table.

My table was next to that of Anna Feher, a talented bead artist from Hungary, who was selling her felt, embroidered, and beaded items.

Anna Feher

Some of Anna's beadwork

A lovely pair of felt, embroidery, and beadwork earrings that I bought

To see more of Anna's work, you can visit Fannabead.
I was pleasantsly surprised to see Nadia Mewton, one of my star students in the London class, bring me her almost finished snake from class.

Nadia's snake

Nadia's initials on the belly

After we returned home to Brooklyn, Toni Fine, another student in the London class, sent me a photo of a necklace-length snake that she had made using the Turkish POW bead crochet stitch from class.

Toni's snake

While I was busy at the Bead Show, Don visited the Natural History Museum in London.

National History Museum

the museum's courtyard

more wildlife

After the show, we returned to the hotel and packed because we were off to Italy the next morning.  Next stop, Rome.

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