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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


As we finish 2013, I would like to end on a high note with photos of our annual tour of the Christmas windows in Manhattan.
First was Kate Spade with a crystal-covered cityscape by Kellie Defries.
Next was Bergdorf's windows that illustrated holidays; this window is April Fool's Day.

The Bulgari snake was missing a segment this year.

Jewelry on rooftops at Tiffany's

Harry Winston's decorated the whole building with jewels.

Bendel's did a clever salute to Abe Hirschfeld...

but I was more amused by this little thief.

The Hotel Peninsula always looks festive.

Cartier did it's traditional red, wrapping.  Notice the 2 leopards on the building.

I am not sure what they are, but Fendi decorated with strange, little boxes .

 A close-up.

The light show on the Saks building.

Saks' windows involved an artistic Yeti who moves to New York City to make snow.

The Rockefeller Center tree.

The Anthropologie store always does a nice job of decorating for the holidays.

Who could resist a dragon made of Legos?  This one winds through the store.

One of the lions at the research building of the New York Public Library.  Structural issue have kept them from putting wreaths on Patience and Fortitude in the past but the problems have apparently been solved.

On to Lord & Taylor.

Another window at Lord & Taylor.

The last stop was Macy's.

Snow bunny

One of the fairies made by my friend Zoe Morsette and other theater elves.

So I hope this little tour of New York City decked out in its finery brings a smile to your face as we end 2013 and start another year.  May 2014 bring much happiness and good fortune.



  1. Great photos, Adele! If you walked all the way from Rockefeller Center to Macy's, a medal for you, double medals if it was a cold night.

    1. Thanks. It was cold that night, but at least it wasn't raining!

  2. Thank you for these photos. I grew up in Baltimore and went to New Haven for holidays where my mom's family lived. We always took the train down for 1 day to look at the windows. This was over 50 years ago so your photos really brought me back to some nice memories. thank you and may you have a wonderful new year!

  3. I am glad that the photos spurred good memories for you, Tobie. New York is such a magical sight during the holidays.