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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


We did our usual tour of the Christmas windows in Manhattan on Christmas Eve so here are a few photos of the high points.   First is Barney's with a Lady Gaga theme:

 Gaga's boudoir with everything covered in hair.

Another window at Barney's
Then it was on to Bergdorf's.  The side windows were fashion shoots with manequins in animal heads. 

The main windows gathered together items made of one material.

This was wood.

These items were paper.

A small window

This window had sea creatures made of tile.

This window was fiber animals.

This was the metal window.

This was the bead window.

Then it was on to Henri Bendel's

One of their smaller windows.

Tiffany's was doing a circus theme...

but they removed most of the jewelry from the windows, making them rather empty.

This was Diesel, not a Christmas decoration but an interesting facade.

Tommy Hilfiger wrapped their store in a big bow and the store next to it did their usual filagree belts.

Cartier wrapped their store in the traditional red bow.

The Rockefeller Center tree framed by trees with blue lights.
Bananna Republic.

Anthropologie: not Christmas but a fun background.

Sephora, which used to be the Charles Scribner's Sons bookstore.
Lord and Taylor did Christmas scenes.

These two windows with a beagle are for my parents.

More Lord & Taylor
 Macy's did windows that were full of motion and a little nightmarish.  The theme had something to do with the magic of ornaments.  Since everything was moving, I took short videos to give the idea.

Then we went home to watch for Santa.

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