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Saturday, December 24, 2011


 The months since September ran together as I worked on three knitted costumes for two operas for the Metropolitan Opera.  The first project was a lovely but challenging machine-knit sweater for the very pregnant Marguerite, played by Marina Poplavskaya, in a new production of Faust.  The costumes were designed by the talented Paul Tazwell. 

The yarn was two strands of different variegated yarns that were made in Italy.  The shopper thought that the yarn was cotton but, working with it, I came to the conclusion that I was knitting with cashmere.  It was very soft and light.

After that I was on to more chain mail for a new opera entitled Enchanted Isle, a mashup of Shakespeare's The Tempest  and A Midsummer Night's Dream. I had to make as set of chain mail for Neptune, played by Placido Domingo, that was supposed to look like it was distressed from being underwater.  After many samples, the costume designer, Kevin Pollard finally chose this sample: 

You can see the sketch for Neptune here:  Scroll through the designs to number 5.  I am curious to see the final costume.

After I finished the chain mail pieces for Mr. Domingo, it was decided that I should knit another set for the understudy, a singer with the voice of an angel and a 63 inch (160 centimeters) waist.  So I madly knit another, bigger set that was finished on December 17.  Now I can take a break from knitting and get back to some beadwork designs with fast-approaching deadlines.  Oh, and  I think there is a holiday or two coming up.

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