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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I am busy getting ready for my first trip to Bead and Button. Along with the usual packing, I have been honing my Right Angle Weave skills so that I won't embarrass myself in Marcia DeCoster's class and learning Ndebele for my class with Leslie Frazier. I still have to refresh my peyote stitch skills for Paulette Baron's class.

The Innovative Bead and Fiber Expo was a lot of fun with teaching, meeting new crafters, and looking at beads to buy. The show had tables for the Embroiders Guild of America, the Bead Society of Greater New York, the NYC Crochet Guild, the NY City Polymer Clay Guild, and the Long Island Crochet Guild, which added to the experience. Not only did members of the various guilds show visitors their creations but they did free demonstrations. I was good, though, because I only spent $8 on some Chinese crystals. On the recommendation of EVERYONE, I am saving my money for overwhelming shopping experience in Milwaukee.