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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Beaded Square Project

     Isn't 2020 living up to that Chinese curse of living in interesting times!  Back in the Spring, the staff of the Museum of Beadwork in Portland, Maine announced that they were organizing a group project " which grows out of a desire to commune on a joint project while safely sheltering; marking this very particular time we are going through together, apart."  

     The parameters of a submission were that it had to be mounted on a rigid 6-inch by 6-inch square, needed to be at least 50% beads, and should employ jewel-tone colors.  Given everything else that was going on while avoiding COVID-19 in New York City, I passed on participating but then the project organizers extended the deadline to March 19th, 2020.  With more time, I had an idea.  I added a restriction of "make do," which is something we had to practice while it was dangerous to go outside and stores were closed or facing shortages.  In this case, it meant I couldn't order anything new, but who of us can't do a whole project from their stash?

     My contribution to the Beaded Square Project was based on my memory of life in the first major hotspot of the nation here in New York City.  I started with the 3 bead crochet hearts and then had to figure out the rest of the square.  My idea for the background was originally much darker but the square had other ideas as it told me what it needed to be to set off the bead crochet hearts.

     Here is my finished square entitled "Hearts in the Time of Coronavirus."  The required 2-sentence statement is " New York hearts: scared, faltering, stilled forever, broken, hopeful, battered but still beating, and eternally grateful to all those who stayed home, wore the damn mask, helped their neighbors, and went to work knowing the danger. We are all New York Tough, Smart, United, Disciplined, and Loving."

Side view of bead crochet hearts

     The project is open to beaders outside of the U.S.A., as well, so here is the link to the project information if you are interested in participating Beaded Square Project.  There is also a Facebook group to share ideas and ask questions: Facebook Group.  Perhaps I will see a square from you in the coming months.