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Monday, July 25, 2011


It is hot and sticky outside and I am in bed with a cold; to lighten my mood, I have been thinking about Sabine Lippert's upcoming classes at Beads by Blanche from August 11-14.

Blanch has divided the classes into two 2-day sessions and I am signed up for the August 11-12 session.

On August 11, we will learn the Sparkling Spots Bracelet (above and right) and the Riddle Pendant (below).

The Riddle Pendant.

On August 11, we will learn the Renaissance Bracelet.

Another view of the Renaissance.
The August 13 class will learn the Zanzibar Bracelet (at left) and Granada (below).
The Granada pendant.
The August 14 class will learn the Petit Carre Bracelet (at left and below).
For more information and registration, visit
I am looking forward to seeing Sabine again and can't wait to learn some of her lovely stitches. Now, though, I am going back to bed.