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Thursday, June 13, 2013


My camera died on Thursday night so I took some quick photos of the beadwork exhibit on Friday with my camera on my phone, which I really haven't used.  So here are small photos of the some of beautiful pieces that I was able to admire. I apologize that I missed getting the names of some talented artists.

These are Bead Dreams finalists:

by Hiroko Suzuki

by Mieko Ogura

by Sherry Serafini and Marcia DeCoster


Karine Saysana

Marsha Wiest-Hines


by Andrea Grzabka

by Vanessa Walilko

by Zoya Chislova

by Joan Babcock

by Regina

by Betty Stephan

by Anneta Valious

by Svetlana Chebotayeva

by Jennie Merritt

by Diana Grygo

by Kinga Nichols

by Diane Hyde

by Laura McCabe

These are part of the polymer clay division:

by Anastasiya Belyaeva

by Lynn Ann Schwarzenberg

These were in the glass bead division:

by Karen Elmquist

by Barbara Caraway



by Vladislav Ivanov & Kremena Ivanova

by Joan Miller

by Robert Jennik

Part of the Toho Challenge:

byMasako Takahashi

and Hhiroko Yokoi

by Svetlana Chebotayeva

These are part of 365 Days of Lip Service, an art work by Lisa Pavelka.  She made 366 pieces on the lids of a Carmex Lip Balm jar.

365 Days of Lip Service

So that is the story of my adventures at Bead and Button 2013. I can't wait until next year.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I spent a lot of my limited shopping time staring at seed beads at my two favorite booths, Beyond Beadery and Out on a Whim while picking out beads for a new class.  I did manage to snag a few fun things.

First, the new tools.  I treated myself to a pair of Lindstrom chain-nose pliers because I loved the Lindstrom cutters and round-nose pliers that I bought last year.

     Next was the Crystal Katana tool invented by Kellie DeFries, the Crystal Ninja.  I tried using the little stick with beeswax to put chatons and beads into Crystal Clay but the beeswax kept falling off the stick.  So, no more of that--I now have the right tool.
Here are the shaped beads that I bought: Rizos, Super Duos, Rullas, CzechMates Petals, and CzechMates Bricks.
Then some seed beads for upcoming classes:
The colorful stuff also jumped into my basket: the new Luminous Delicas and some neon spikes.
Then I bought some beads just because.  The first on my list was a porcelain pendant from Golem Studio.     
I couldn't pass up the cute top made from vintage metal cans that I saw at the booth of the Glass Onion Bead Co. 
I was really happy to find Joan Miller and snag one of her smaller robot beads.
Thanks to Sharon Wagner's perseverance ( every time we ran into each other, I was desperately seeking food), I talked to the Horseman Ltd. people about their Crystaletts, 3mm crystal buttons.  I bought a pack of buttons to play with and can't wait until their stitch markers are available.
Crystaletts topaz buttons with stitch marker sitting on top of the package.

Linda Hartung, of Alacarte Clasps, was kind enough to spend some time showing me what you can do with WireLace and WireLux.  Since I have knit with wire for a store display, I am fascinated with the product.
Here is Linda demonstrating their products at the shopping preview on Thursday.

This is a necklace made with the WireLux and a flower of WireLace and Crystal Clay.  The WireLux can be shaped into a rickrack pattern with manipulation.

Another WireLux necklace with a knot tied into the middle surrounded by earrings and flowers made with WireLace.

I later ran across the nice ladies at WireKnitZ who also sell knitted copper wire in a number of sizes and colors.  I bought some of their heavier knit to play with.

Here is my combined knitted wire purchases. The heavier gauge WireKnitZ is at the top right and the rest of the supplies are the WireLace and WireLux.

That ends my shopping for 2013.  I might have bought more but I was just too tired to make decisions; thank goodness for internet ordering.  Tomorrow I will put up the few photos that I took of the Bead Dreams pieces.