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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Halloween Jewelry Tutorials

     I have been frantically knitting 3 rush orders: sweaters for famous puppets and 2 different men's sweater vests for 2 different movies, so I haven't had any time to blog this summer and fall.  Even worse, I can't even show you what I was making until the movies are out!

     Yesterday (as I was cleaning up the gigantic mess that I made), I got a fun convo from Pearl Blay, who writes The Beading Gem Blog, that she had included my Wire Skeleton Earrings Tutorial in her blog post about Halloween jewelry tutorials at 8 Awesome Beaded and Wire Halloween Jewelry Tutorials.

     If you haven't seen them, these are my wire skeleton earrings and the tutorial is available through Pearl's blog post or my Etsy store Reckless Beading:

     My second-favorite tutorial in Pearl's blog post was for these sugar skull earrings by SimpleBeadPatterns.

How fun are these!

    Of course, I had to check out more of Pearl's blog, which span a variety of interesting topics.  My eye was immediately caught by this great tutorial for a wire wrapped sword pendant.  I had seen a photo show up on Pinterest, but didn't know the name of the designer, Rhonda Chase. Her free tutorial is available at Sword Pendant.

    So, check The Beading Gem blog, check out my wire skeleton earrings, or have fun making your own Halloween jewelry.