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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas Window Tour 2017

The weather of freezing rain and dropping temperatures was not an auspicious beginning to our tour of decorations on Christmas Eve, but we took a chance and ventured out.  Our first stop was Barney's, which didn't disappoint with it's unusual windows designed by the Haas brothers to show positivity and inclusivity.
This window was labeled Primordial.



Mushroom Singularity

Then it was on to Bergdorf-Goodman's.

My favorite of the objects in the box.

This was an interesting window above the door.

Crystal encrusted dress among crystal-incrusted dinosaur bones.  What else?

This purse just caught my eye.

Not all of the windows were black and white.  The New York Botanic Garden window had lots of green, of course.

Then we walked past Harry Winston with its traditional decorations. 

Harry Winston.

The Peninsula Hotel always looks so festive but it is hard to get a good shot of the bounding stags flanked by pine trees.

Tommy Hilfiger decorated with lots of lights.

The Rolex watches got their own little man to decorate their space at Wempe Jewelers.

Victoria's Secret decorated their windows with costumes from the big show.

I did like their trees by the door that were decorated with miniature packages.

Passing by Ferragamo's and Catier's.  You can only see the tail of one of the leopards on top of the Cartier building.

Then we got into the madness of St. Patricks's, Rockefeller Center, and Saks.

St. Pat's.

We stopped at a little plaza to look at one of these traditional figures.

Rockefeller Center and the tree.  See all of those dark shapes at the bottom of the photo?  Those are people.

Like this: wall-to-wall people.

Then it was across the street to Saks to see their windows celebrating the 80th anniversary of Snow White; I am only sharing some of them.  The number of police vehicles give you an idea of how many of New York's finest were there to protect us.

The witch was hard to photograph because she was changing into this...

This year's popular souvenir was a plastic globe with LED lights that lit up as strips of stars.  The souvenir sellers were all over the place, along with many food carts.

As we escaped the madness of the crowds, we passed the H&M store, which was not necessarily decorated for Christmas but had some fun figures.
I called this one Grumpy Bunny.

Mushrooms were popular this year.

A view of the Empire State building lit up for Christmas.  It was to far away and too dark to get a clear shot.

Then past Patience and Fortitude with their wreaths outside the New York Public Library.  I don't know which one we have included.

We stopped at Bryant Park behind the main library to see its tree.

This was one of the high-rise buildings near Bryant Park.  Again my little camera was not up to the challenge of dark and distance.

Then it was time for Lord and Taylor, who partnered with the Hallmark Channel to present a valentine to New York.  Yeah, I didn't get it, either.

A close-up of part of the previous window because, well: bunnies.  Rabbits were popular this year.

This was a small window, but a fun scene.

Close-up of the clock area.

The best part of L and T's display was the columns of greenery with frolicking squirrels.

Our last stop was Macy's windows, with a theme of "The Perfect Gift Brings People Together." 

One of my favorite windows at Macy's: a pigeon's view of a rotating winter landscape.

My favorite part of this New York scene was the subway at the bottom.  Detail shots are next.

This window showed the outside of Macy's opening to a festive store inside.

Ta da!

That was the last window on the tour.  Despite slightly wet weather, dropping temperatures, and equipment failure in the form of a depleted phone battery and a camera's full memory card that required deleting photos on the fly, our Christmas tour turned out to be fun.  I hope you enjoyed it.