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Monday, December 31, 2018

Christmas Windows 2018

Thankfully, the weather this year was a lot warmer than last year, so touring the windows on Christmas Eve was a much nicer experience.

We started at Barney's but their windows this year were just sheets of pennies because they are doing some kind of charity campaign- wasn't even worth taking photos.
     Bergdorf's, our next stop, didn't disappoint, though, with their celebration of all things sweet: psychedelic candy canes, multi-colored goodies, a robot that dispenses soft-serve ice cream, gingerbread, and more.

The building near Bergdorf's always puts up some giant candy canes and Don got a good photo of them this year.  They are harder to photograph than you think.

Here is the traditional snowflake on 5th Ave and the decoration on Tiffany's.  Bulgarie did not put up their gigantic snake this year; in fact, they really didn't decorate.

Louis Vuitton took up the slack and decorated their windows with "trees" from around the world.  This first window reminded us of our Texas family.

This window was a tree made of plastic tubing with many fun ornaments depicting holiday
celebrations from around the world.

The tree sported ornaments like these, but I would love to know which culture celebrates a holiday with sparkly suitcases on top of an ostrich.

Tiffany paid homage to Artistic Director, Gene Moore, who spent over 50 years designing displays for the store.  This year, a number of the windows feature a robot from one of Gene's windows from the 1960s.

Coke decorated their store front.

The St. Regis Hotel had plenty of twinkling trees.

Coach did a variety of fanciful animals.

I forgot which store this was, but they put up giant, red, ornaments.

Feragamo put up their over-the-top bow.

Cartier wrapped their building with the big, red, bow and did some fun windows, as well.

As usual, Rockefeller Center was a zoo; in fact, we got separated and it took me quite a while to find Don.  We did get a few photos of the tree.

Lego did a version of Hogwarts for one of their windows this year.

Sak's windows just looked like merchandising to me but they are supposed to be the story of a shopper's visit to the theater.

  The traditional light and music show on the outside of Sak's building had been stopped on Christmas Eve because of service next door at St. Patrick's so we had to come back for those the next day to see the salute to Broadway.

H and M did a fun display with wrapped presents that still retained their shapes place among electronic signs that said things like Don't Peek.

Lord and Taylor, in the midst of closing their flagship store, just did a video montage of past windows.

Macy's widows told the story of astronaut Sunny the Snowpal, who joins her friends to help Santa deliver presents.

My favorite window was the one with the snowy scene on top and the comfy burrows underneath.

We ended our tour at Herald Square because it was getting late.  May our tour start your new year off on a high note.