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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Spread the Bead Love


     Ready to be energized?  Last year was a tough one for many people on both a personal and global level; many of us lost our beading mojo.  Marcia DeCoster came up with the great idea that we needed something to get us going again, something to do with love and beads (of course).
     So a group of us have been planning projects and Marcia has set up a place to share them as a way to bring some love into the world.  New content will be added every week in the form of photos, free patterns, stories about their Bead Love creations from members, and links to patterns for sale.
     To start us off, Marcia has literally beaded love in the form of the letters L,O,V, and E.  She has even provided the pattern for L on the blog and the other letters will follow weekly.  I hope you will stop by the Bead Love blog and return throughout the year and that it will inspire you as much as the idea has inspired us.  If our project prompts you to make your own bead love, feel free to share a photo at #beadlove on Facebook.