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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have been playing with another crocheted oya pattern from the book "Anatolian Bead Oyas," this one is aptly named Karanfil or Carnation. Although, the flowers are meant to be crocheted in a long chain, I wanted to play with individual carnations. Here are a few of the flowers:

I started making earrings out of the flowers but they needed something. I added a bit of twisted wire but it prevented any movement. I also thought that just clipping a jump ring through the end of the stems loked a bit unfinished and I could use a brighter-colored wire.

With some time between my classes at the Innovative Beads Show in Marlborough, MA, I went shopping and stumbled upon some helpful supplies. First I discovered some Rose Gold craft wire from BeadSmith at Marti Brown's booth The Odyssey & Bead Expressions (

Then Moggie Moyer at Bead my Love booth pointed out some new, permanent-finish, mint green, ceylon beads (at right). I bought them and later noticed that they went well with my little bead crocheted carnations.

If you like bead embroidery take alook at the jewelry made by Moggie's daughter Meg. You can see some of her work at

So I took my new supplies and made another version of the carnation earrings. I think I am done, but maybe it would be fun to play around with addding some swirly decoration to the ear wires that I made.....