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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Christmas Window Tour 2021

      Yes, I am still here, just never got round to blogging this past year but I couldn't miss sharing our usual Christmas Eve tour of the holiday decorations in Manhattan.  Many stores didn't decorate this year and some recycled decorations from years past, but there was still enough festivity to enjoy.  First was one of the decorations that the Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District erected by a hotel on 60th street.

Next was a fantasy scene erected in the plaza in front of the Plaza Hotel that included ice, polar bears, birds, and a monkey.

Dior put up some kind of gold, glittery snowflake thingy.

Then it was on to Bergdorf's, which crammed so much stuff into their windows that they were too busy to appreciate.  First, a recognizable tree made of bunnies.

This window was the outlier, being both visually clear and witty.

A side view of the next window that made it easier to comprehend-all those cats.

A black and white window full of dogs.

The next window was a tropical scene of lots of fantasy creatures; this bug caught our eyes.

These trees were another street decoration by the 5th Ave. BID and were cleverly made of strings of ornaments.

Louis Vuitton did windows of neon and wrapped part of the building with a giant Christmas tree image.

Tiffany's is still under construction but put up a few holiday windows.

Chanel added a clever representation of a perfume bottle to its building.

Dolce and Gabbana went for a feast.

A dreidel ornament on the street.

The 5th Ave. BID even put up a street scene in the window of an empty store.

Cartier wrapped its building but I didn't see the panthers this year.

Saks decorated the front of their building but had to turn off the light and sound show because St. Patrick's complained a few years ago that it was unseemly to run it on Christmas Eve.

Saks had children design their windows so each one had the original drawings attached to the glass.

Then it was time to face the madness of the crowds around Rockefeller Center and COVID-19 was not deterring people from admiring the tree.

Not sure Free People decorated its window just for the holidays, but I liked it.

The library decorated Patience and Fortitude with wreathes; Fortitude is shown first and then Patience being bothered by some tourist (for those who don't know him, that is my husband photographing Patience).

This is an apartment building near Bryant Park that always puts up this interesting holiday display.

The skating rink and holiday shops were still open in Bryant Park when we walked by, so we could take photos- usually the park is all dark by the time we get there.

Macy's windows told the story of Tip Toe, the reindeer who had trouble learning to fly but finally managed with help from her friends.

That was the end of the tour.  Even though there were fewer decorations this year because of the pandemic, people still made the best of the season.  In that spirit, best wishes for 2022.





  1. Again, my thanks Adele. I won’t get to see the windows in person this year and appreciate it that you did the walk and took the photos.
    Happy New Year to you both, Jeanne Evans

  2. Beautiful window displays! I had seen the Tip Toe window display via “Walking Commuter” on YouTube. We watch him, as he walks in Manhattan.