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Monday, December 30, 2019

2019 Christmas Windows Tour

     This year's tour was a bit sad because many stores are gone: Barney's is going out of business, Lord & Taylor is gone, Henri Bendel's is gone, as well as 4 other stores.  We keep hearing about how well the economy is doing but you couldn't prove it by 5th Avenue.  Many of the remaining stores didn't bother to decorate so the usual tour was much shorter.
     We started at Bergdorf's but their windows weren't as good as in past years.  This was the best of the lot.

The fur nutcracker amused the crowd.

     Tiffany's did a cute series of windows involving mice.

Gucci went tropical.

Dolce and Gabbana went foodie.

The windows of the former Henri Bendel's showed the work of the 5th Avenue Business Improvement District as they hired local artists to make street scenes to fill the empty windows.

The Peninsula Hotel had new decorations, although we aren't sure what they are; the figures look like stylized bellhops playing instruments.

Cartier did their usual wrapped building with panthers.

The Rockefeller Center tree.

Saks did a Frozen 2 theme.

One of the buildings rented window to 4 businesses who decorated 1 window each to publicize their companies; these windows were some of the best decorations.

Hazel Village made a fabric lanscape
Raw Honey

A chocolatier

Either Patience or Fortitude in from the New York Public Library.  It was actually so dark that I didn't have much hope of getting a photo but my new phone came through like a champ.

It was sad to see that this is what the street level of Lord & Taylor looks like as some company ripped out the bottom floor to redo it.  Since We Work is in such financial trouble, I am not sure who is doing the construction.

Macy's was doing a story about a girl who wants to be Santa Clause and so becomes Santa Girl.  Couldn't quite follow the story but the windows were kind of fun.

That was it, so we went home.  I hope you have enjoyed this years abbreviated tour; let's hope next year is more festive.

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